About UniChoice

UniChoice is a grower-based business understanding the complexity and risk associated with fruit production. We have made it our business to know the needs of our customers. Effectively matching production and packing with these needs are what set UniChoice apart.
UniChoice is based in Cape Town, while the farms where our fruit are cultivated by our shareholders and other suppliers have been carefully selected from across South Africa. Produce from these farms combine to offer a basket of high quality fruit varietals favoured in the export market.
UniChoice associated farms apply scientific and technologically advanced methods and procedures, ensuring adherence to the most
stringent requirements of sophisticated consumers. Packaging methods and logistics advanced through new technology to ensure that fresh produce reach its various end-use customers in optimum condition. The
challenge of bringing choice produce to selected customers in chosen markets remains unchanged.
UniChoice controls the supply chain from seed to orchard, through harvesting and packaging, until fruit is delivered to client. By taking ownership of this complex process, we have the confidence to offer consistent quality and continuity of supply - we truly bring orchard and vineyard to the consumer.
Our commitment to link producer to consumer through this holistic approach is your guarantee - CHOICE, QUALITY, CONSISTENCY through “cultivating a fresh approach”.